Waterfall "Borov Kamak"



waterfallAlex Boldin


  I`d like to tell you about one such place. Just south of the city of Vratza, deep into the mountains, one of the inflows of the Leva river has cut out a deep, narrow and shady gorge. In its upper part the mountain looks as if it was cut by a knife, and once at the edge, the river dives into the emptiness, over 50m(150ft) deep, and turns into a cloud of water drops, colored with the spectrum of an ever lasting rainbow. This place is known to the local people as the waterfall "Borov Kamak."(pine-stone).
    Years ago, only the most enthusiastic tourists from Vratza were visiting this beautiful site. However, for about one year now the town`s organization called "Natural Park "Vratza`s Balkan"", The Association for tourism, and some tourists have financed and organized the creation of a tourist pathway called "eco(ecological) path."(ekopateka)
    Ironically, the path starts from the exact same place where an old flotation deposition used to be located. A breakdown of this dam facility caused a flood in 1966 that killed over 300 locals living in the valley below it. Everyone who wants to see the beautiful waterfall "Borov Kamak" can use the ecopath as a route to get there. All one has to do is go out of Sgorigrad towards the mountain, take the road for the old flotation facility, pass the stone bridge where the two inflows of Leva are joining, and to take the wide beaten path to the right of the old flotation deposition.
    In about 15 minutes of walking the tourist will reach a narrow wooden bridge. Going over it, he/she will already be walking the ecopath. A couple of benches and a message carved in stone welcome the tourist to the beginning of the route. Although following the path can sometimes be a bit physically challenging, there are plenty of pleasant surprises along the way, one can never be bored or predict what the path will reveal in the next minute. Many times, as you stop for a rest on the bridge over the brawling stream, you will hear the deafening echo of the jumping waters, and feel the cooling air that comes from in between the huge rocks and trees around you. In the next minute, you will be relaxing, gathering warm sunbeams coming from a sudden lack of threes above your head, still listening to the singing stream beneath or next to you.
    The path follows a steep hill of the mountain, which a bit frightening to go through, and where one needs to follow it very carefully watch and feel every step, and keep on climbing up instead of looking around. The old beech forest sometimes hides the valley from you with its thick branches and leaves.
    Somewhere about the middle of the route, a few benches put together from rough boards allow you to sit down and catch your breath or simply relax and share your impressions with your companions. While you`re here, take your time to prepare for the last part of the climbing along the ecopath.
    It seems like this part is the most impressive one. These used to the comforts of home would say "I have to be crazy to come here again!" Let`s hope that there won`t be many of them on the path-they usually stay home next to the television. However, all that would like to come should be wearing stable shoes with soles that won`t slip when stepping on wet wood or rocks. Most tourists and hikers know that already.
    The upper part of the ecopath is very steep and rocky, and that will make you put some extra effort into completing the hike.
    In the early spring you can find some interesting plants such as wild garlic, fern, and wild geranium. You will feel a cool pleasant exhaustion as you walk along, with green freshness all around you. All through the path, the waterfall will be hidden from you.
    It appears somehow suddenly, astonishing with its beauty. Huge round rocks seem to be piled up in its bottom, and covered with golden-green is. You will feel presence of the mountain water, and will be able to go and touch the waterfall itself. Down at the bottom, there are a few little and crystal clear lakes, inviting you to dip your hand into them, even drink from them.
    Now turn around and take a look at where you came from. Between two steep rocky inclines, you will see the sunny valley. There in the distance are the houses of the village of Sgorigrad,, and further are the stunning vertical rocks of the "rock gate" "Vratzata". A really astonishing view! If you happen to have brought a camera with you, take it out and take pictures, many-many pictures…there is plenty to be photographed!
    Afterwords, look up. You will see a site that will appear in your dreams for a while. A golden brown rock above you, and from it, falling down, a rainbow colored stream of water!
    And really, you will forget about being tired and will promise to yourself to come and see this place again. You will have become one of the admirers of the waterfall "Borov Kamak."
    Many of you are tired enough already. You`ll feel tired just by thinking of going all the way back to the starting point of the ecopath. Now what? For these of you that are really tired, we recommend the easier way to go back.
    One cement threshold, going over the few streams will lead you to an easy to see beaten path. It leads you into the shady oak forest.
    A couple of fallen trees will make you lean forward and down in order to sneak under them. The saying says that the sinners should look for an alternate route around.
    The path is covered with old fallen leaves, on some places it`s open and rocky. As you walk through it you are again reminded of the wonderful bounty of wild flowers. Then, you come across a little natural spring, whose water has been captured by a human hand in a piece of round oak bark, and led to a convenient place. Come on, try it! It`s clean, pure and ice-cold.
    This is the old tourist pathway, well signed with blue and at places, with signs. If you`re careful, you can`t get lost.
    About a half hour away from the waterfall the path leads to three different directions. The one on the left will lead you to the hut Purshevica through the area called "Borov Kamak". If you go to the right, there is a road to the village of Sgorigrad. The road is very steep and rocky, and slowly turns into a hard to see path. That`s not the easiest way to go down, but it`s the fastest shortcut you can take. It takes you to the village in no more than 40 minutes.
    If you keep going forward, you will end up on the road to the flotation facility. This one is even and not hard to walk on. After you see the deserted building of the facility, following the road, you will be down in the village in about an hour.
    The whole walk will take you about four to five hours. It will leave you with unforgettable experiences.
    In one nice and sunny day, as you`re looking at the slopes of the Balkan near Vratza, you`ll think "I`ll go there again, it`s so beautiful! Why not?"

    What would you say? Let`s go there, why not? The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself! Every beutiful thing the nature has created should be seen by us, the people. Otherwise, why are we living in the world!



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